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Personalized Service in Québec and Ontario

In 2010, Desjardins Group created a support team to assist its members who wish to acquire a property in Florida, through the entire purchasing process. This team is with you right here, in Québec and Ontario. It liaises with the Caisses, the Desjardins Mortgage services, the Desjardins Bank and real estate agents in Florida.


Our Desjardins personalized team is comprised of:

A call center: 1-877-875-1118 ext. 5095030

A content expert to advise you concerning your future acquisition

Desjardins Bank advisors and representatives trained in both Québec and Ontario


Bélanger, Léa

Desjardins Bank Advisor


Yedonou, Arnoul

Desjardins Bank Advisor


Courteau, Linda

Desjardins Bank representative


Hamel, Manon

Desjardins Bank representative


Lévesque, Lucie

Customer Service and Development Director


Gagné, Sylvie

Director Business Development